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Central Jersey Premier Soccer Academy

More then just another camp to keep the kids busy. CJPSA is a soccer academy to teach individuals of any skill level what they need to become a better soccer player. Here we teach fundamentals all the way to pro-level concepts to improve understanding and overall gameplay. Don’t just send your kid to any old camp this summer. Send them to the CJPSA and have them learn soccer and have fun doing it.

3 Separate weeks:

Week 1: July 11th to July 14th 9am to 2pm ($150)

Week 2: July 25th to July 28th 5pm to 8pm ($100)

Week 3: August 8th to August 11th 9am to 12pm ($100)

All programs provide a challenging camp geared to the dedicated soccer enthusiast who enjoys having fun and improving their skills at the same time. We’ve taken your suggestions from previous years and plan on making this year even better with a variety of games!

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Build a strong foundation

Learn the fundamentals of becoming a professional soccer player

Unlock your potential

Develop your skills to unlock your full potential and play at your best

Become a star player

Take your game play to the extreme and push yourself to be the best

What our clients think of our program
In 5 years as a head coach of a now U14 girls travel team I have never seen them react in such a positive way about a private trainer. The parent feedback has been nothing but positive and I have been asked more than once if Chris is going to work more with them. Chris has brought an energy to a team that needed a spark from another voice than myself and this season we are off to a 3-0 start.

As a parent and coach of a Keeper, Pete as well has been amazing in the development in a skill I know little about and can only coach the basics. From the sessions I have watched and always try to engage in, I have seen my child as well as two other keepers I know develop into strong and confident goalies.

Not only do the two of them relate to all ages of children but they do it with a passion and true love for the game. This devotion to the player is not something that can be faked but can only come from the true desire to see the child in front of them develop and excel. I encourage any coach/parent to stay and watch them at work. I know for myself I have learned and evolved into a better coach and mentor to the children I coach.

Thank you and I look forward to continuing and building this relationship.

― Kelan Magee Head Coach U14 Girls Assistant Coach U12 Girls After playing four years of varsity soccer with Chris Ruckdeschel, I know just how much he puts into the sport and the team. Over a decade of coaching high school soccer and a lifetime of experience has given him the knowledge and experience that makes him such an amazing coach. He genuinely cares for everyone he coaches and knows how to coach different personality types. He is kind and lighthearted, with a drive to succeed that will motivate anyone. I can honestly say that my experience with athletics would not have been the same without him. He has my highest possible praise.― Mande YoungeThe most passionate soccer coach and mentor I know is Christopher Ruckdeschel. He believes in the potential of each and every player and recognizes their strengths and weaknesses in order to create a personalized plan perfect their skills. I played on his High School Varsity team for 4 years and I learned more about soccer in those 4 years than my prior 7 years experience combined. Not only did I grow as a soccer player but I had an amazing time doing it! Mr. Ruckdeschel is such a fun and inspiring person that playing soccer for him becomes more than just a hobby but instead, life lessons in teamwork, discipline, leadership and success. An amazing coach, an amazing person. I give CJPSA two thumbs up!― Olivia SaadChris Ruckdeschel was my varsity high school soccer coach for four years. I cannot say enough great things about him and the experience I had with him as my coach! “Ruck”, as all of us soccer girls know him, has a true passion for soccer and it is clear as day when watching him coach. Not only does he have a lot of knowledge about the game, but he is constantly on the look out for new techniques, plays, and drills to keep his players interested and on top of their game. Besides just being my soccer coach, he ended up becoming a great role model and mentor to me. Ruck has a personality like no other and can make anyone – child, teenager, or adult – laugh and feel comfortable with him. If you’re looking for a great place to send your child to work on their soccer skills while having a great time – CJPSA is where to send them!― Danielle Reasso