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Who We Are

This year, we will be running two weeks of training for players 5 years and older. The camp will be at the Monroe Soccer Complex on Prospect Plains Road, Monroe Twp., NJ.

CJPSA brings you over 20 years of coaching and teaching experience for the ultimate training environment. We have grown up playing soccer and continue to share our love for the game with everyone. Chris and Peter Ruckdeschel, co-founders of CJPSA, are both teachers and take their knowledge from the classroom onto the field to provide well designed, tailored activities for every player to meet the unique needs of everyone.

Our Mission

The focus of this camp is to provide players of all ages and abilities the opportunity to train like the pro’s, while keeping the enjoyment of the game intact. The coaches come from both an attacking and defending background, which includes mastery of goalkeeping, to ensure that the complete player is developed. Players will be grouped by age and ability to ensure quality training. Players will be taught the fundamentals of the game along with advanced training techniques to heighten their skills including footwork, accuracy in passing and shooting for field players; diving, reactions, and positioning for goalies.

We look forward to seeing you this summer!

Our Schedule

Week 1: July 10th to July 13th (9am to 12pm) – $150

Week 2: August 7th to August 10th (9am to 12pm) – $150

Week 3: EVENING, July 24th to July 27th (6pm to 8pm) – $125

All programs provide a challenging camp geared to the dedicated soccer enthusiast who enjoys having fun and improving their skills at the same time. We’ve taken your suggestions from previous years and plan on making this year even better with a variety of games!

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About the Owners

Chris Ruckdescel / Owner

Peter Ruckdescel / Owner


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